Contributed R Code

CRAN src/contrib currently contains:

ace (Alternating Conditional Expectations) and avas (Additivity and
Variance Stabilization for regression) for selecting regression

Written by Thomas Lumley <>, based on
avas() for S by Rob Tibshirani <> and
Friedman & Spector's FORTRAN code for ACE, both from statlib.
[1997/04/23] [1997/06/25] [1997/07/29]

Software (bootstrap, cross-validation, jackknife), data and errata
for the book "An Introduction to the Bootstrap" by B. Efron and R.
Tibshirani, 1993, Chapman and Hall.

S original by Rob Tibshirani <>.
R port by Fritz Leisch <>.

A collection of classical tests, including the Bartlett, Fisher,
Kruskal-Wallis, Kolmogorov-Smirnov, and Wilcoxon tests.

Written by Kurt Hornik <>.

Functions for dealing with dates. The most useful of them accepts a
vector of input dates in any of the forms 8/30/53, 30Aug53, 30
August 1953, ..., August 30 53, or any mixture of these.

S original by Terry Therneau <>.
R port by Thomas Lumley <>.

Miscellaneous functions used at the Department of Statistics at TU
Wien (E1071).

Compiled by Fritz Leisch <>.

Maximum likelihood estimation of the parameters of a fractionally
differenced ARIMA(p,d,q) model (Haslett and Raftery, Applied
Statistics, 1989).

S original by Chris Fraley <>.
R port by Fritz Leisch <>.

An implementation of the Liang/Zeger generalized estimating equation
approach to GLMs for dependent data.

S original by Vincent Carey <> and Aidan
R port by Thomas Lumley <>.
[1997/04/14] [1997/07/29]

S function and supporting C and Fortran code for adaptive
quadrature. The underlyling fortran code is purported to work in
from 2 to 20 dimensions.

S original by Michael Meyer <>.
R port by Thomas Lumley <>.

A function to plot Japan's coast-line and prefecture boundaries.

S original by Ritei Shibata <>.
R port by Kurt Hornik <>.

This package performs an exhaustive search for the best subsets of
a given set of potential regressors, using a branch-and-bound
algorithm, and also performs searches using a number of less
time-consuming techniques. It is designed to replace the "leaps()"
command in S.

Packaged for R by Thomas Lumley <>
and based on FORTRAN77 code by Alan Miller

A collection of artificial and real-world machine learning
benchmark problems, including, e.g., the boston housing
data from the UCI repository.

Written/packaged by Fritz Leisch <>
Original data sets from various sources.

Functions for plotting Australias coastline and state boundaries.

S original by Bill Venables <>.
R port by Kurt Hornik <>.

A collection of functions to implement a class for univariate
polynomial manipulations.

S original by Bill Venables <>.
Packaged for R by Kurt Hornik <> and
Martin Maechler <>.
[1997/08/20] [1997/08/28]

An R interface to the Stuttgart Neural Networks Simulator (SNNS).

Written by Fritz Leisch <>.

Regression spline functions.

Written by Thomas Lumley <>, based on
the S packages `splines' by Doug Bates <> and
`safe.predict' by John Chambers and Trevor Hastie.
[1997/04/23] [1997/07/29]

Functions for survival analysis. This ``port'' is not complete yet,
because it requires a few changes to the R system itself rather than
the add-on package, but most of the functionality is already
available. The ratetable and cohort expected survival functions
still don't work.

Requires the splines package.

S original by Terry Therneau <>.
R port by Thomas Lumley <>.
[1997/04/23] [1997/07/29]

Code for doing wavelet transforms and thresholding in 1 and 2D.

S original by Guy Nason <>.
R port by Arne Kovac <>.

Interface to the XGobi program for graphical data analysis.

Requires the e1071 package.

Packaged for R by Kurt Hornik <>,
based on the S code in the XGobi distribution.

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