CRAN Package Check Results for Package vcf2geno

Last updated on 2014-10-25 11:48:51.

Flavor Version Tinstall Tcheck Ttotal Status Flags
r-release-linux-ix86 2.3 36.96 19.65 56.60 WARN
r-release-linux-x86_64 2.3 26.68 13.65 40.32 WARN

Check Details

Version: 2.3
Check: whether package can be installed
Result: WARN
    Found the following significant warnings:
     OrderedMap.h:75:5: warning: control reaches end of non-void function [-Wreturn-type]
Flavors: r-release-linux-ix86, r-release-linux-x86_64

Version: 2.3
Check: installed package size
Result: NOTE
     installed size is 7.2Mb
     sub-directories of 1Mb or more:
     libs 3.3Mb
     vcf 3.8Mb
Flavors: r-release-linux-ix86, r-release-linux-x86_64