This package provides functions for inferring longitudinal dominance hierarchies, which describe dominance relationships and their dynamics in a single latent hierarchy over time. The package includes functions to implement the multiple ranking methods and associated support functions.

informed_matreorder Implements Informed MatReorder method
informed_elo Implements Informed Elo-rating method
informed_ds Implements Informed David’s Score method
get_dynamics Calculates dynamics for a longitudinal hierarchy
plot_ranks Visualize longitudinal hierarchy
dyadic_similarity Compare two rank orders
get_edgelist Convert data from matrix to edgelist
edgelist_to_matrix Convert data from edgelist to matrix
C.crocuta.female Example data from female spotted hyenas
C.crocuta.male Example data from male spotted hyenas


informed_matreorder(contestants = C.crocuta.female$contestants, convention = 'mri', n = 5, shuffles = 10, require.corroboration = TRUE, initial.ranks = C.crocuta.female$initial.ranks, interactions = C.crocuta.female$interactions)