Information about FuzzyAHP package for R (ver. 0.9.5)

Jan Caha, Aneta Drážná

2019-12-06 17:19:21

Basic Info

FuzzyAHP is an R package for calculation of both classic and fuzzy AHP. The package is only suitable for AHP that uses categorical rating of criteria for alternatives instead of pairwise comparison of alternatives according to each criteria. This adaptation of AHP is common in situations when the number of alternatives is hight and the pairwise comparison is thus inadequate or impossible to construct. The weights for criteria are, however, still determined from the pairwise comparison matrix. This approach towards AHP is common in Geosciences as well as other fields (please see References for examples). A practical example of using FuzzyAHP in geosciences can be found in Caha and Burian (2017).

The determination of criteria weights is done according to process described by Krejčí, Pavlačka, and Talašová (2016), which yelds significantly narrower fuzzy numbers than previously used approaches.


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If you use this package in publication, please consider citing our article: Caha and Burian (2017)

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The source code for this package is available from:

See also

R package ahp provides classical implementation of AHP based on pairwise comparison of both criteria and alternatives. The package is available from


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