JBrowseR: An R Interface to the JBrowse 2 Genome Browser

Provides an R interface to the JBrowse 2 genome browser. Enables embedding a JB2 genome browser in a Shiny app or R Markdown document. The browser can also be launched from an interactive R console. The browser can be loaded with a variety of common genomics data types, and can be used with a custom theme.

Version: 0.10.2
Imports: htmltools, htmlwidgets, reactR, stringr, magrittr, readr, jsonlite, httpuv, mime, cli, ids, dplyr
Suggests: testthat (≥ 3.0.0), knitr, rmarkdown
Published: 2023-12-20
DOI: 10.32614/CRAN.package.JBrowseR
Author: Elliot Hershberg ORCID iD [aut], Colin Diesh ORCID iD [aut, cre], the JBrowse 2 Team [aut]
Maintainer: Colin Diesh <colin.diesh at gmail.com>
License: Apache License (≥ 2)
URL: https://gmod.github.io/JBrowseR/ https://github.com/GMOD/JBrowseR
NeedsCompilation: no
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Reference manual: JBrowseR.pdf
Vignettes: Introduction to JBrowseR
Creating URLs
Custom browser tutorial
Advanced JSON tutorial


Package source: JBrowseR_0.10.2.tar.gz
Windows binaries: r-devel: JBrowseR_0.10.2.zip, r-release: JBrowseR_0.10.2.zip, r-oldrel: JBrowseR_0.10.2.zip
macOS binaries: r-release (arm64): JBrowseR_0.10.2.tgz, r-oldrel (arm64): JBrowseR_0.10.2.tgz, r-release (x86_64): JBrowseR_0.10.2.tgz, r-oldrel (x86_64): JBrowseR_0.10.2.tgz
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Reverse imports: viewpoly


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