MGDrivE2 1.1.0

New features: 1. Update to include batch migration, see new file R/auxiliary-batch.R and user-facing function batch_migration which sets up the batch migration events. Functions sim_trajectory_R and sim_trajectory_CSV now take an additional argument batch which may be set to NULL if no batch migration is to be simulated. 2. Added function get_shape to get the shape parameter (number of bins) for Erlang developmental delays, given rate parameter q and coefficient of variation cv.

Bugfixes, miscellaneous: 1. In sim_trajectory_base_CSV and sim_trajectory_base_R the hazards are now correctly evaluated at the start of the time step rather than at the end; [times[i-1],times[i]). Both functions no longer need the (extraneous) argument dt. 2. Remove argument t0 from sim_trajectory_base_CSV and sim_trajectory_base_R, all simulations are assumed to start at time 0. Change named argument tt to tmax. 3. In sim_trajectory_base_CSV and sim_trajectory_base_R testing for whether to preform a release is now based on a <= check, rather than equality. 4. Add argument n to function spn_T_lifecycle_network to allow simulation of multiple nodes with no migration between them. Useful for debugging as well as for simulation of landscapes where nodes are far enough apart that batch migration is the only way for mosquitoes to travel between nodes.

MGDrivE2 1.0.1

Small fixes to address CRAN comments:

  1. R/hazard-functions-mosy.R: function make_move_male_haz has a fix such that the origin/destination probability is correctly calculated.
  2. R/equilibrium-lifecycle.R: function basic_eq_life modified to not use the <<- global assignment operator.
  3. vignettes/output-storage.Rmd: replaced absolute path for files with tempdir() to conform to the CRAN standard.
  4. Edit DESCRIPTION to conform to CRAN standard.
  5. Remove dontrun code from examples where not necessary and direct users to appropriate vignettes, otherwise run examples.

MGDrivE2 1.0.0

Initial release & CRAN submission.