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PivotalR is a package that enables users of R, the most popular open source statistical programming language and environment to interact with the Pivotal (Greenplum) Database as well as Pivotal HD / HAWQ and the open-source database PostgreSQL for Big Data analytics. It does so by providing an interface to the operations on tables/views in the database. These operations are almost the same as those of data.frame. Minimal amount of data is transfered between R and the database system. Thus the users of R do not need to learn SQL when they operate on the objects in the database. PivotalR also lets the user to run the functions of the open-source big-data machine learning package MADlib directly from R.

  1. An Introduction to PivotalR

    vignette("pivotalr") # execute in R console to view the PDF file
  2. To install PivotalR:
  3. To get started: