PopGenome: A swiss army knife for population genetic & genomic analysis

PopGenome is an R-package for Population Genetic & Genomic Analysis

Version: 2.0.6
Depends: R (≥ 2.14.2), ff
Imports: methods
Suggests: parallel, bigmemory, BASIX, WhopGenome
Published: 2014-04-17
Author: Bastian Pfeifer, Ulrich Wittelsbuerger
Maintainer: Bastian Pfeifer <Bastian.Pfeifer at uni-duesseldorf.de>
License: GPL-3
Copyright: This package uses zlib, Tabix and BGZF. Zlib by Jean-loup Gally <jloup@gzip> and Mark Adler <madler@alumni.caltech.edu>, uses the Zlib licence. Tabix by Heng Li <lh3@live.co.uk> use the MIT licence. BGZF by Bob Handsaker and modified by Heng Li uses the MIT licence.
NeedsCompilation: yes
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Reference manual: PopGenome.pdf
Vignettes: An introduction to the PopGenome package
Integration of new Methods
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