chisquare 0.9

vers 0.8:

vers 0.7:

vers 0.6 * chi-square test adjusted by the (N-1)/N correction added; * magnitude of the effect size as indicated by the odds ratio added; * help documentation updated, and improved content-wise; * relevant scholarly references added.

vers 0.5 * the plot of odds ratios is now returned for cross-tabs featuring 2 rows and at least 2 columns; * to enhance consistency and clarity, the parameter ‘row_category’ has been renamed to ‘row.level’; the parameter ‘reference_level’ has been renamed to ‘reference.level’; * Haldane-Anscombe correction added in the calculation of odds ratio; * to improve clarity, minor adjustments have been carried out to the error messages returned when the parameter ‘plot.or’ is ‘TRUE’ but the input cross-tab does not meet the needed requirements (2xk, where k >= 2); * help documentation updated and improved content- and layout-wise.

vers 0.4 * the facility to plot the odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals for table of size 2xk (where k>2) has been added; * the above added facility rests on a new internal function (visualize_odds_ratios); * amendments and updates to the help documentation.

vers 0.3 * Moment-corrected standardized residuals added; * 95% confidence interval for Cramer’s V added; * The output version of the input cross-tabulation now reports some essential analytical results in an annotation at the bottom of the table; * Fix to the output version of the input cross-tabulation when cells feature a frequency of 0; * The Goodman-Kruskal’s tau reported in previous versions is now indicated as “columns dependent”“, and the”row dependent" version of the same coefficent is now calculated and reported.

vers 0.2 * Relative contributions to the chi-square added; * Contributions to the chi-square previously reported in ver_0.1 are now called absolute contribution; * Bibliographical reference added for the abovementioned contributions; * Significance level of the reported standardized and adjusted standardized residuals can be corrected using the Sidak’s alpha adjustment method; * G-square test added; * Symmetric Goodman-Kruskal’s lambda and Goodman-Kruskal’s tau added; * Cohen’s k (with 95% CI) added; * Odds ratio (with p value and 95% CI) added (for 2x2 tables); * Effect size for Cramer’s V and Cramer’s V bias-corrected added to the table of the test’s results; returned for tables with up to 5 degrees of freedom according to Cohen 1988; * Degrees of freedom added to the output table reporting the test’s result; * The distribution of the permuted chi-square statistic can be optionally plotted; * Fix in the calculation of the cells contribution (in percent) to the chi-square; * Output tables formatted using the ‘gt’ package instead of ‘formattable’; * Option added to customize the font size of the output tables; * Improvements to the content and layout of the help documentation.

vers 0.1 first release to CRAN