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An R package implementing Variable Selection for Gaussian Model-Based Clustering.

Variable selection for Gaussian model-based clustering as implemented in the mclust package. The methodology allows to find the (locally) optimal subset of variables in a data set that have group/cluster information. A greedy or headlong search can be used, either in a forward-backward or backward-forward direction, with or without sub-sampling at the hierarchical clustering stage for starting mclust models. By default the algorithm uses a sequential search, but parallelisation is also available.


You can install the released version of clustvarsel from CRAN using:



Usage of the main functions and several examples are included in the papers shown in the references section below.

For an intro see the vignette A quick tour of clustvarsel, which is available as


The vignette is also available in the Vignette section on the navigation bar on top of the package’s web page.


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