doges 0.3.0

Fixes: * Improves documentation, some errors in code, grammar fixes * Adds family to the two doges that didn’t have one. Used the name of the doge.

Changes: * Adds doge.families which is a table of all families that had a doge, and how many doges there were.

dogesr 0.2.0

Fixes: * Improves documentation.

Changes: * Adds marriage.graph with extracts an igraph usable data structure from the marriage data

dogesr 0.1.6

Fixes: * Improves documentation, fixing some issues with inserting references.

Changes: * Mainly for my own use, creates a Makefile with common tasks

dogesr 0.1.5


dogesr 0.1.4


dogesr 0.1.3


dogesr 0.1.2


dogesr 0.1.1


dogesr 0.1.0

First version including data.doges and doges.years