excursions: Functions that compute probabilistic excursion sets and contour credibility regions for latent Gaussian random processes and fields

This package contains functions that compute probabilistic excursion sets, contour credibility regions, and contour avoiding regions for latent gaussian random processes and fields. The function excursions.inla calculates these quantities for models estimated with the INLA package.

Version: 1.1-20140610
Depends: Matrix
Suggests: INLA
Published: 2014-06-12
Author: David Bolin and Finn Lindgren
Maintainer: David Bolin <davidbolin at gmail.com>
License: GPL (≥ 3)
Copyright: The R package and code, and the main programs, were written by and are Copyright by David Bolin and Finn Lindgren, and are redistributable under the GNU Public License, version 3 or later. The package also includes code from the libraries AMD, CHOLMOD, COLAMD, and CAMD from the SuiteSparse collection of Tim Davis, as well as functions from the GNU Scientific library and the RngStreams library by Pierre L'Ecuyer. For details see the COPYRIGHTS file.
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NeedsCompilation: yes
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