exp2flux : convert gene EXPression data to FBA FLUXes

The exp2flux package was designed as a tool to convert EXPression data to FBA FLUXes. Install: -------- This package required R version 2.10 or higher. If you are using an older version of R you will be prompted to upgrade when you try to install the package.

For install the latest stable version this package directly from GitHub:

# Install 'devtools' R package

# Install 'minval' package

Available functions:

Function Description
exp2flux Convert Gene Expression Data to FBA fluxes
fluxDifferences Report the fold change of fluxes between two models


Daniel Osorio, Kelly Botero, Janneth Gonzalez and Andres Pinzon-Velasco (2016). exp2flux: convert EXPression data to FBA FLUXes. R package version 0.1.