Version 0.7.0 (2023-07-31)

o Converted the package to roxygen2 documentation, correcting some infelicities with S3 methods o Added an extended README example. o fix link to genridge paper PDF

Version 0.6.8 (2023-07-11)

o a maintenance release, correcting a problem with an in one .Rd file

Version 0.6.7 (2020-01-07)

o Remove references to ElemStatLearn, now defunct

Version 0.6-6 (2017-10-01)

o bump package version, preparing to move to Github

Version 0.6-5 (2014-11-24)

o Use rgl:: in calls to rgl package for CRAN o Fixed long lines in .Rd files

Version 0.6-4 (2012-2-10)

o Added contourf()

Version 0.6-3 (2011-12-28)

o Minor tweaks to plot3d.ridge o Added biplot.ridge method for symmetry, showing the PCA vectors in variable space o Added examples to ridge.Rd using data(manpower, package=“bestglm”) o Added Manpower data

Version 0.6-2 (2011-12-19)

o Made ridge() an S3 generic with formula and default methods o Fixed labels problems in biplot.pcaridge and plot3d.ridge o Added Detroit data with examples showing most methods

Version 0.6-1 (2011-12-06)

o Fixed order of classes in pca.ridge o Made plot3d an S3 generic; added plot3d.pcaridge and plot.pcaridge o Added biplot.pcaridge() to draw variable vectors on a plot.pcaridge() plot o Added options to precision.* for greater flexibility o Added GCV computation to ridge() o Added which.lambda to select ellipses in plot.ridge(), plot3d.ridge() etc. o Added labels argument to plot.ridge() and fixed pairs.ridge for this.

Version 0.6-0 (2011-12-04)

o Added plot3d.ridge() using rgl, completing the main stages in visualization methods for ridge-like problems

Version 0.5-3 (2011-11-30)

o Added precision.ridge() method for measures of precision and shrinkage o Added vif.ridge() method, extending the car S3 generic for ridge objects o Now Depends: car

Version 0.5-2 (2011-11-25)

o Added Acetylene data o Added vcov.ridge() method

Version 0.5-1 (2011-08-22)

o Fixed Authors@R in DESCRIPTION

Version 0.5-0 (2011-08-22)

o Added NAMESPACE o Initial package version, released to R-Forge o Added pca.ridge