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The leafdown package provides drilldown functionality for leaflet choropleths in R Shiny apps.


You can install the released version of leafdown from CRAN with:


You can install the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


You can find the documentation here.


Showcase - Election Map

To showcase the features of the leafdown package we have created a demo app.

This app shows the 2016 us presidential election results as well as some demographic information.
Click here for the full demo app and here for the documentation.

Showcase - healthdown

The healthdown app allows interactive comparison of various health factors at the U.S. state and county level. It was honored as “Runners up” in the Shiny Contest 2021.

Link to healthdown: https://hoga.shinyapps.io/healthdown/.

Code: https://github.com/hoga-it/healthdown