logconPH: CoxPH Model with Log Concave Baseline Distribution

Computes a cox PH model with a log concave baseline distribution. If no covariates are provided, estimates the log concave NPMLE. Built specifically for interval censored data, where data is a n by 2 matrix with [i, 1] as the left side of the interval for subject i and [i,2] as right side. Uncensored data can be entered by setting [i,1] = [i,2]. Alternatively, this can also handle uncensored data. If all the data is uncensored, you may enter data as a length(n) vector.

Version: 1.5
Published: 2014-12-14
Author: Clifford Anderson-Bergman
Maintainer: Clifford Anderson-Bergman <cianders at uci.edu>
License: GPL-2
NeedsCompilation: yes
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