Introduction to nhdplusTools

The nhdplusTools package contains a wide range of hydrographic data utilities. Many are globally-applicable hydrographic data manipulation and processing tools. Others are specific to a U.S. context, focused on particular US datasets and sources.

Detailed documentation of all the package functions can be found at the Reference page.

For data discovery and access in a U.S. context, start with the US Data vignette vignette("US_data").

For globally applicable functions, start with the advanced network attributes vignette vignette("advanced_network").

Please consider registering issues and feature suggestions on github.


For the latest CRAN release of nhdplusTools, use:

# install.packages("nhdplusTools")

The easiest way to install the latest nhdplusTools development is with the remotes package like this:

# install.packages("remotes")
# remotes::install_github("doi-usgs/nhdplusTools")

The nhdplusTools package is intended to provide a reusable set of tools to subset, relate data to, and rebuild attributes for hydrography data. It implements a data model consistent with both the NHDPlus and HY_Features. The package aims to provide a set of tools with minimal dependencies that can be used to build workflows using NHDPlus data-model data.

The package has three types of functionality presented in the following vignettes:

  1. Data access in the U.S. context: vignette("US_data")
  2. Indexing data to hydrography: vignette("indexing")
  3. Hydrographic network attributes: vignette("advanced_network")

Two other vignette articles are available for the package.

  1. Working with NHDPlusHR: vignette("nhdplushr")
  2. Plotting NHDPlus data: vignette("plot_nhdplus")

Thanks for taking the time to read the package documentation. If you see anything that looks wrong or could be better, please consider opening an issue or a pull request in github!