pbdBASE is a set of bindings to and extensions for the distributed linear algebra libraries BLACS, PBLAS, and ScaLAPACK. The package is very low-level, and unless you are very familiar with these libraries (or even if you are...), you are instead recommended to see the pbdDMAT and pbdDEMO packages.


pbdBASE requires * A system installation of MPI * R version 2.14.0 or higher * The pbdSLAP and pbdMPI packages, as well as their dependencies.

The package can be installed from the CRAN via the usual install.packages("pbdBASE"), or via the devtools package:


See the vignette for installation troubleshooting.


pbdBASE is authored and maintained by the pbdR core team: * Drew Schmidt * Wei-Chen Chen * George Ostrouchov * Pragneshkumar Patel

With additional contributions from: * Ewan Higgs