We have changed the interfaces for most of our exported functions. We add new estimators for the number of species represented by at least r individuals in a random sample.


Code in this repository aims to expand the functionality of Preseq available in the R statistical computing enviroment. There are five ways this is supposed to work:

  1. The basic functionality of the preseq program, initially focusing only on library complexity, is available. These functions contain the string "rfa" as part of their names.
  2. The mathematical routines for doing rational function approximation via continued fractions is implemented as a wrapper for our existing functionality in C++.
  3. Fitting a zero-truncated negative binomial distribution to the sample is available. These functions include the string "ztnb" as part of the names.
  4. The simulation module is used to generate samples based on mixture of Poisson.
  5. Extra functions are provided to estimate the number of species represented at least r times in a random sample.

See https://cran.r-project.org/package=preseqR for details.