rapport: A report templating system

A package that facilitates creation of reproducible statistical report templates. Once created, rapport templates can be exported to various external formats (HTML, LaTeX, PDF, ODT etc.) with Pandoc as the converter backend.

Version: 0.51
Depends: R (≥ 2.15.0), lattice, plyr, pander, yaml
Imports: grDevices, reshape
Published: 2013-05-08
Author: Aleksandar Blagotić and Gergely Daróczi
Maintainer: Aleksandar Blagotić <alex at rapporter.net>
BugReports: https://github.com/rapporter/rapport/issues
License: AGPL-3
URL: http://rapport-package.info/
NeedsCompilation: no
SystemRequirements: Pandoc (http://johnmacfarlane.net/pandoc) for exporting markdown files to other formats.
Citation: rapport citation info
In views: ReproducibleResearch
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Reference manual: rapport.pdf
Package source: rapport_0.51.tar.gz
OS X binary: rapport_0.51.tgz
Windows binary: rapport_0.51.zip
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