A repository for the University of Auckland s20x R library. This library is used in our large undergrad classes STATS 201, STATS 208 and BIOSCI 209

Build Notes

We will attempt to add information about the changes in each new release (whether it makes it to CRAN or not) here, from version 3.1-21 onwards


Ben Stevenson added some code to summary2way so the attribute information from TukeyHSD is preserved. That is so you see this

> summary2way(fit, page = "interaction")
  Tukey multiple comparisons of means
    95% family-wise confidence level

Fit: aov(formula = fit)


instead of this

> summary2way(fit, page = "interaction")


A new function called modcheck has been added. This allows the plotting of all four standard 20x model checking plots: a pred-res or equality of variance plot, a normal Q-Q plot, a histogram of the residuals, and a Cook’s distance plot, to be drawn on the same plot at once. This function needed a much more flexible version of normcheck, and needed modifications to eovcheck and cooks20x. I have not put it on CRAN yet because of the chance that it will fail for our current students. We really need some unit testing in this package so that this process can be sped up.