A simple HTTP server to serve files under a given directory based on the httpuv package.

For now, you can install from RForge:

install.packages('servr', repos = '')

This is only a little exercise of mine while I was learning httpuv, and may not be really useful. To some degree, it is like python -m SimpleHTTPServer or python -m http.server. This package may be used to serve:

You can either run servr::httd() in an interactive R session, or run from command line:

# default: port 4321, do not launch browser
Rscript -e 'servr::httd()'

# open a web browser
Rscript -e 'servr::httd()' -b

# listen on port 4000
Rscript -e 'servr::httd()' -p4000

# pass arguments to the httd() function
Rscript -e 'servr::httd(,4000,TRUE)'

There is also a shell script under system.file('bin', package = 'servr'); if it is added to PATH, you can simply run

servr  # serve the current directory
servr -b  # launch the browser
servr -b -p4000  # change port to 4000

This package is licensed under GPL.