Spatial Misalignment: Interpolation, Linkage, and Estimation

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The goal of smile is to provide an easy to use R package that functions to estimate, predict and interpolate areal data. For estimation and prediction we use a model-based approach assuming areal data to be an average of an underlying continuos Gaussian random field. For interpolation, we use the simple areal interpolation, which is a nonparametric approach. Also, we provide functions to quantify the uncertainty associated with the simple areal interpolation when the variance of the observed variables is known.

The package accompanies a web page (powered by pkgdown) and 5 vignettes.


  1. Converting sf to spm objects;
  2. Fitting models and making predictions;
  3. Areal Interpolation;
  4. Method;
  5. Spatial covariance functions;


The package is not on CRAN yet. Therefore, only the development version from GitHub is available. If you are interested, you can installed using:

## install.packages("smile")