trueskill: An implementation of the Trueskill algorithm in R

Package: trueskill
Title: An implementation of the TrueSkill algorithm in R


An R implementation of the TrueSkill Algorithm (Herbrich, R., Minka, T. and Grapel, T), 
a Bayesian skill rating system with inference by approximate message passing on a factor graph. 
Used by Xbox to rank gamers and identify appropriate matches. 

Current version allows for one player per team. Will update as time permits.  
Requires R version 3.0 as it is written with Reference Classes.


Acknowledgements to Doug Zongker and Heungsub Lee for their python implementations 
of the algorithm and for the liberal reuse of Doug's code comments (@dougz and @sublee on github).

Version: 0.1
Author: Brendan Houng
License: GPL-3
Depends: R (>= 3.0)