ActiveDriverWGS is a cancer driver discovery tool for analysis of somatic mutations derived from whole genome sequencing. It works on protein-coding sequences as well as various non-coding sequences (non-coding RNAs, promoters, enhancers, to name a few). ActiveDriverWGS is based on a statistical model that analyzes the mutational burden of SNVs and short indels in functionally defined elements of interest. It then retrieves elements which are significantly mutated compared to a background sequence window, its nucleotide sequence context and trinucleotide mutation signatures.

Two major kinds of input are required by ActiveDriverWGS: a set of genomic regions of interest defined as a BED12 file, and a set of somatic mutations in a cohort of tumor samples in a tab-separated text file.

For more information, please refer to the ActiveDriverWGS preprint.



Using the R package devtools, run devtools::install_github('')

From source

Clone the repository: Open R in the directory you cloned the package in and run install.packages('ActiveDriverWGS', repos=NULL)

Using ActiveDriverWGS

NOTE: Currently ActiveDriverWGS only works on regions/mutations from hg19. Stay tuned for an update.

For a tutorial on ActiveDriverWGS, please click here.