LearnR tutorials for biostatistics.

Subjects range from basic descriptive statistics through to complex linear modelling. The tutorials include text, videos, interactive coding exercises and multiple choice quizzes.

These tutorials are suitable for statistical beginners as well as more advanced students. Some basic R coding knowledge is assumed but advanced knowledge is not necessary.

Using the tutorials

The easiest way to run these tutorials is to make sure you have an up-to-date release of RStudio. Install the package and restart and the tutorials should appear in the Tutorial tab in the pane with Environment, History etc.

If you would rather not use RStudio then you can use the learnr::runtutorial() function which will open the tutorial in a separate browser window.


The package includes 19 datasets which are used in the tutorials. These data are mostly publicly available data archived from published research papers.

Author and licensing

This package is authored by Rob Knell, SBCS, Queen Mary Univerisity of London. Email

The content of the package is released under a GPL-3 license.

List of data sources

Frequency Histograms:

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Descriptive Statistics:

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Paired t-tests

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Two-sample t-tests

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Linear models 1 ANOVA

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Linear models 2 Regression

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Linear models 4 multi-factor ANOVA

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Linear models 5 Multiple Regression

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Linear models 6 Factors & Continuous Variables

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