Installation and Reference of the R package ‘Rmpfr’

Installation is non-trivial if you install from __source_ because of the SystemRequirements (listed in ./DESCRIPTION):

The package Rmpfr interfaces R to the C Library MPFR:

MPFR, the “Multiple Precision Floating-Point Reliably” library

which is Free/Libre Software, available under the LGPL license. MPFR Website

MPFR itself is built on and requires the GMP library

GNU Multiple Precision arithmetic library (GMP)

Obtain that from GMP Website or from your operating system vendor / package system:

+ Under _Debian_, _Ubuntu_ (and other Debian derivative) Linux distributions,
  it is sufficient (for *both* libraries) to simply do
  sudo apt-get install libmpfr-dev
+ In Fedora, Redhat, CentOS, opensuse, etc, you get these via
  sudo dnf install mpfr-devel

The standard reference to MPFR is

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