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SIAmodules is a curated collection of extension modules for the ShinyItemAnalysis package which includes functions and interactive shiny application for the psychometric analysis of educational tests, psychological assessments, health-related and other types of multi-item measurements, or ratings from multiple raters. SIAmodules offer additional interactive presentations of selected psychometric topics:

“Computerized Adaptive Tests” module in the ShinyItemAnalysis app

All modules are installed online at Czech Academy of Sciences server. Visit our web page about ShinyItemAnalysis to learn more!


First, install the package from CRAN with:


Then, to use the aforementioned modules, run ShinyItemAnalysis interactive application in R. Note that version >= 1.5.0 is required!


You’ll then find them located in the individual sections.

Or try it directly online at Czech Academy of Sciences server!


When using SIAmodules and the ShinyItemAnalysis software, we appreciate if you include a reference in your publications. To cite the software, please, use:

Martinková P., & Hladká A. (2023) Computational Aspects of Psychometric Methods: With R. Chapman and Hall/CRC. doi: 10.1201/9781003054313.


Martinková P., & Drabinová A. (2018) ShinyItemAnalysis for teaching psychometrics and to enforce routine analysis of educational tests. The R Journal, 10(2), 503-515. doi: 10.32614/RJ-2018-074.

Getting help and provide feedback

If you find any bug or just need help with SIAmodules or the ShinyItemAnalysis you can directly contact us at


This program is free software and you can redistribute it and or modify it under the terms of the GNU GPL 3.