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A set of predicates and assertions for checking the state and capabilities of R, the operating system it is running on, and the IDE being used. Most of the documentation is on the assertive page. End-users will usually want to use assertive directly.


To install the stable version, type:


To install the development version, you first need the devtools package.


Then you can install the assertive.reflection package using



There are checks for

Whether you are running R (or an old S-PLUS): is_r.

Your operating system: is_windows, is_unix, is_linux, is_mac, is_solaris.

Your IDE: is_architect, is_rstudio, is_revo_r. Further, for RStudio, you have is_rstudio_desktop, is_rstudio_server.

R’s capabilities: r_has_png_capability, r_has_tcltk_capability, etc., for each of the values returned by base::capabilities().

32/64 bit R: is_32_bit, is_64_bit.

How you are running R: is_batch_mode, is_interactive, is_r_slave.

What type of R you are running: is_r_release, is_r_patched, is_r_devel, is_r_alpha, is_r_beta, is_r_release_candidate.

Whether your software is up to date: is_r_current, is_package_current, is_rstudio_current.

What you use for a (numeric or monetary) decimal point: is_comma_for_decimal_point, is_period_for_decimal_point.

Whether a file or directory is on the OS search path: is_on_os_path.


Predicates that return a vector have two corresponding assertions. For example, is_on_os_path has assert_all_are_on_os_path and assert_any_are_on_os_path.

Predicates returning a single logical value have one corresponding assertion. For example, is_r has assert_is_r.


sys_get_locale and sys_set_locale are convenience wrappers to Sys.getlocale and Sys.setlocale respectively.