autohrf change log

autohrf 1.1.3

Fixed tests so they will work with the latest version of ggplot.

autohrf 1.1.2

Removed tidyverse usage from vignettes.

autohrf 1.1.1

Removed tidyverse from Suggests as used functionalites are imported from its subpackages as well.

autohrf 1.1.0

Added vignettes and data based on the published manuscript.

autohrf 1.0.4

Added BIC measures to model evaluation outputs.

autohrf 1.0.3

The evaluate_model function now also returns R2 for each ROI. Fixed a bug in one of the unit test. Additional minor changes to make the package CRAN compliant.

autohrf 1.0.2

Added funding information, fixed some issues for CRAN upload.

autohrf 1.0.1

Fixed some typos in the documentation.

autohrf 1.0.0

Initial version of the package.