bardr: Shakespeare’s Complete Works for R

Have you ever felt that the R programming language suffered from a critical lack of the Bard? Well, worry no more.

The bardr package provides the complete text of William Shakespeare’s complete works as native R files which have already been substantially pre-processed to make them easy to use.

The complete works are contained in both a list and a tidy data frame format, and each individual work has also been separated and stored as a character vector.

Quick-Start Guide

Getting started with bardr is easy! Just install the package (currently by using devtools::install_github(), hopefully the package will be on CRAN soon, though). Then, you can access any of the included data sources like so: works <- bardr::all_works_df or any of the other files.

Data Sources with all works

Data source names for specific works

Every work included in the Project Gutenberg collection of Shakespeare’s Complete Works has a dedicated individual data source. The naming convention is snake case (all_lower_case_with_underscores) and no punctuation.