1. Added LazyDataCompression: xz as per Prof. Ripley’s recomendation to keep installed sizes under 5MB. Also used this opportunity to update maintainer email address.

  2. Once again, the fordgobike link below seems to not function anymore. The only link I have been able to find is baywheels, although this only has data from 2017 on.


  1. Fixed duration units from ‘minutes’ to ‘seconds’ in documentation.

  2. The old link to Bay Area Bike Share (below) does not function anymore. The service now seems to be called “Ford GoBike” and the open data seems to be available only from 2017 on from https://www.fordgobike.com/system-data.


  1. Added Bay Area bike share anonymised trips along with weather and station metadata for the year 2014. Source: http://www.bayareabikeshare.com/open-data.