bioC.logs: Stats logs from BioConductor packages downloads

Marcelo Ponce



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This package allows you to download the statistics of BioConductor packages’ downloads as reported by


The main function of this package is called bioC_downloads. The function accepts several arguments: packages names, format, from/to or when and verbose.

argument Description
packages names is the name(s) of the package(s) for which you want to download the stats from; multiple packages should be indicated using a list of the packages names
format accepts two options: "bioC" (default) will report the downloads as reported by bioconductor, ie. “Year Month Nb_of_distinct_IPs Nb_of_downloads”; or, "CRAN" will report as CRAN logs does, ie. “Date count package_Name”
from/to optional arguments to indicate range of dates to recover the data within – can NOT be used in combination with when
when optional argument to specify the range of dates to recover the data within – can NOT be used in combination with from/to; possible options are “ytd”,“year-to-date”,“year-from-now”,“last-year
verbose is a boolean flag indicating whether to print information about the processes



  • The BioConductor website reports total downloads per month.

  • The original data also includes an ‘all’ entry, representing the total downloads per year.

  • All the month are reported independently of whether this is the current year and data is still not available.

  • You may notice this when requesting the data using the default format from BioConductor, ie. format=“bioC”.

  • When using format="CRAN":

    • the all entry is removed
    • the last month to be reported is the previous to the current one, ie. months in the future with no data or the current one (with incomplete data) will not be reported
    • the entries will be order cronologically from the oldest to the newest records


For using the “bioC.logs” package, first you will need to install it.

The stable version can be downloaded from the CRAN repository:


To obtain the development version you can get it from the github repository, i.e.

# need devtools for installing from the github repo

# install bioC.logs

For using the package, either the stable or developmemnt version, just load it using the library function:

# load bioC.logs


You will need an active internet connection, as bioC.logs will download the reports from the BioConductor website on demand.

# it is possible to download multiple packages, the data will be returned in a list with one entry per package

# the 'verbose' option allow you to turn off information reported by the function

# setting format="CRAN", will structure the data "a-la-CRAN"
edgeR.logs <- bioC_downloads("edgeR",format="CRAN")
# data is still returned in a list
# access data from package

# get the data in a particular range of dates using 'when'
edgeR.logs <- bioC_downloads("edgeR", when='last-year', format='bioC')

# get the data in a particular range of dates using 'to/from'
# not specifying 'from' will assume since the very first record
edgeR.logs <- bioC_downloads("edgeR", to='03-2015', format='bioC')

# not specifying 'from' will assume until the current day
edgeR.logs <- bioC_downloads("edgeR", from='03-2015', format='bioC')

edgeR.logs <- bioC_downloads("edgeR", from='03-2015',to='05-2016', format='bioC')


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Live download stats

“Live” download stats, figure generated using “Visualize.CRAN.Downloads”