capm is a package for R, a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

capm stands for Companion Animal Population Management and is an initiative to guide and automate quantitative analysis to support companion animal population management.

Current version offers functions that allow users to implement the following workflow:

  1. Sample size calculation.
  2. Selection of sampling units for simple and complex surveys.
  3. Mapping sampled primary sampling units (complex surveys).
  4. Estimation of population parameters.
  5. Visualization of population pyramids and immigration flows.
  6. Mathematical modelling of population management interventions.
  7. Prioritization of the most effective interventions through sensitivity analysis.

To install the development version, run install_github("oswaldosantos/capm") in (ideally) RStudio. devtools package must be previously loaded.

To install the production version, run install.packages("capm") in (ideally) RStudio.

If you find any error or have suggestions to improve or include functionality to capm, I will glad to know it. Please get in touch so I can better understand your needs.