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Allows clinicians to predict 1- and 2- year risk of death (with a threshold risk of death of >= 20% for the 1-year model) in cyctic fibrosis patients based on patients’ overal health status described in


You can install the latest development version from GitHub:


Mortality Prediction

To get a prediction for mortality rate for first and second year , you will need to pass in patient’s risk factors. For example:

predictcfmortality (age = 16, male = 0, fvc = 66.7, fev1 = 47.4, fev1LastYear = 80.5, bcepacia = 0, underweight = 0, nHosp = 0, pancreaticInsufficient = 1, CFRelatedDiabetes = 0, ageAtDiagnosis = 0.9)

The predictcfmortality() function returns 1- year and 2-year mortality rate of patients with cystic fibrosis with 20% cut-off for risk of death of the 1-year model.


Please cite:

Stanojevic, Sanja, et al. "Development and external validation of 1-and 2-year mortality prediction models in cystic fibrosis." European Respiratory Journal 54.3 (2019): 1900224.