Statistical tools for analyzing clustered binary matched-pair data in R.

Clustered Binary Matched-Pair

The tests and tools included in this package work primarily on clustered binary matched-pair data. In order for data to be a good fit for analysis with these tools it needs to have the following three properties:


This package contains 5 statistical tests suitable for analyzing clustered binary matched-pair data in various contexts. Four of the tests are designed specifically for this type of data. The fifth test, McNemar’s test is the conceptual predecessor to each of the other tests, and is included for comparison. In practice, McNemar’s test is specifically noted to be unsuitable for clustered data. The tests are listed below, along with the articles which introduce them:


Included is sample data from real world experiments of the form that can benefit from the application of these tests:


Description of functions as well as usage examples are available in the reference manual.

Installation and Use

You can install the latest release from CRAN:


To use, load as follows: