csppData: The Correlates of State Policy Project Dataset

csppData is an R package that contains the Correlates of State Policy data (version 2.5) assembled by Matt Grossmann, Marty P. Jordan, and Josh McCrain. Use the associated cspp package to subset the data by states and years, create map + panel visualizations, export citations to common file formats (e.g., .bib), and more. An associated web application that enables easy visualization, manipulation, and exploration of the data is also available.

The Correlates of State Policy

The Correlates of State Policy Project compiles more than 3,000 variables across 50 states (+ DC) from 1900-2020. The variables cover 16 broad categories:

Downloading the Package

# Install from CRAN:

# Install from github (may contain more recent version than the CRAN package)

Loading the CSPP Data

Note that the cspp package imports the dataset automatically and provides a number of helpful functions when working with it.

# CSPP codebook

# CSPP data



Grossmann, M., Jordan, M. P. and McCrain, J. (2021) “The Correlates of State Policy and the Structure of State Panel Data,” State Politics & Policy Quarterly. Cambridge University Press, pp. 1-21. doi: 10.1017/spq.2021.17.


Caleb Lucas and Joshua McCrain (2020). csppData: The Correlates of State Policy Project Dataset. R package version 0.1.4


Caleb Lucas - Postdoc, IPPSR, Michigan State University (Twitter)
Josh McCrain - Assistant Professor, University of Utah (Twitter)