The Dataset

GDP data at current prices is from IBGE’s “Produto Interno Bruto dos Municípios” (aka PIB-Munic). The data is available between 2002 and 2018.

The definition of the Brazilian Legal Amazon at the municipality level is taken from IBGE’s “Mapas Regionais - Amazônia Legal” available here: https://www.ibge.gov.br/geociencias/cartas-e-mapas/mapas-regionais/15819-amazonia-legal.html?=&t=o-que-e.


Using the function is easy enough:


# download state raw data from 2012 for all country
pibmunic <- load_pibmunic(dataset = 'pibmunic',
                          raw_data = TRUE,
                          geo_level = 'state',
                          time_period = 2012,
                          legal_amazon_only = FALSE)