How to Use ezpickr

JooYoung Seo


ezpickr: Convenient Package/Function for Choosing Any Rectangular Data File Using Interactive GUI Dialog Box, and Seamlessly Manipulating Tidy Data between an Excel Window and R Session

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The goal of ezpickr is to provide R beginners with a convenient way to pick up their data files and to easily import it as a tidy tibble form into an R environment using GUI file-picker dialogue box (through ezpickr::pick()), and to provide R users with a convenient way to open and manipulate their data objects using Excel application for a seamless data communication between an Excel window and R session through ezpickr::viewxl()).

You can alternatively use ezpickr::pick() function for choosing .csv, .csv2, .tsv, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, .json, .html, .htm, .php, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .RData, .Rda, .RDS, .sav (SPSS), .por, .sas7bdat, .sas7bcat, .dta, and *.mbox files in an interactive GUI mode A file choose dialog box will be prompted.

Any additional arguments available for each file type and extension: readr::read_csv() for CSV (Comma-Separated Values) files; readr::read_csv2() for CSV2 (Semicolon-Separated Values) files; readr::read_tsv() for ‘TSV’ (Tab-Separated Values) files; readr::read_file() for ‘txt’ (plain text) files; readxl::read_excel() for ‘Excel’ files; haven::read_spss() for ‘SPSS’ files; haven::read_stata() for ‘Stata’ files; haven::read_sas() for ‘SAS’ files; textreadr::read_document() for ‘Microsoft Word’, ‘PDF’, ‘RTF’, ‘HTML’, ‘HTM’, and ‘PHP’ files; jsonlite::fromJSON() for ‘JSON’ files; mboxr::read_mbox() for ‘mbox’ files; base::readRDS() for ‘RDS’ files; base::load() for ‘RDA’ and ‘RDATA’ files.

Each corresponding function depending upon a file extension will be automatically matched and applied once you pick up your file using either the GUI-file-chooser dialog box or explicit path/to/filename.


Development Version

You can install the latest development version as follows:

Stable Version

You can install the released version of ezpickr from CRAN with: