Airport data

The airport data in the flightsbr package is downloaded from Brazil’s Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC). The data covers all airports and aerodromes registered in ANAC. It brings detailed information on….[mention a few key variables].

Before downloading the data, let’s first load the libraries we’ll use in this vignette:

# library(geobr)

Now, downloading data of all airports in Brazil is as simple as this:

# private airports
airports_prv <- flightsbr::read_airports(type = 'private', showProgress = FALSE)

# public airports
airports_pbl <- flightsbr::read_airports(type = 'public', showProgress = FALSE)

You will notice that the data sets on private and public airports have different columns. This can make row binding these data.frames a bit tricky. For now, the function read_airports() can return a data.frame with both types of airports and only a few columns if the user set type = "all". The geographical coordinates are provided in EPSG Projection 4326 - WGS 84.

airports_all <- flightsbr::read_airports(type = 'all', showProgress = FALSE)

# plot
# brazil <- geobr::read_country()

ggplot() +
   # geom_sf(data=brazil, color='gray') +
  geom_point(data=airports_all, aes(x=longitude, y=latitude), size=.3 , alpha=.4) +