frailtyEM 1.0.1 (CRAN release)

frailtyEM 1.0.0 (CRAN release)

frailtyEM 0.8.10

frailtyEM 0.8.9

frailtyEM 0.8.8

frailtyEM 0.8.7

frailtyEM 0.8.6

frailtyEM 0.8.4 (CRAN release)

frailtyEM 0.8.3 (CRAN release)

frailtyEM 0.8.1

Major update. Now stratified models are supported! Several improvements in the documentation and in the performance section.

Smaller fixes, as compared to the previoius CRAN release:

frailtyEM 0.7.9 (CRAN release)

As compared to the previous CRAN release, 0.7.2: - fixed a bug where the estimation would go wrong when the data set was not ordered according to the cluster - fixed a bug where emfrail would crash when the cluster colum would be a character vector - fixed a bug where the test for dependent censoring would not work - part of the output is now nicer (e.g. the frail vector is named, the autoplot.emfrail() gives a nicer plot) - removed a bunch of redundant calculations and old pieces of code - minor corrections in the vignette

frailtyEM 0.7.2

As compared to the previous CRAN release, 0.7.0:

As usual, feedback is welcome.

frailtyEM 0.7.1-6

frailtyEM 0.7.1-4

frailtyEM 0.7.1-3

frailtyEM 0.7.1-0

frailtyEM 0.7.0-2

frailtyEM 0.7.0

frailtyEM 0.6.8

frailtyEM 0.6.8

frailtyEM 0.6.7

frailtyEM 0.6.7

frailtyEM 0.6.6

frailtyEM 0.6.5

frailtyEM 0.6.4

frailtyEM 0.6.3

frailtyEM 0.6.2

frailtyEM 0.6.1

frailtyEM 0.6.0 (release)

frailtyEM 0.5.13

frailtyEM 0.5.12

frailtyEM 0.5.11

frailtyEM 0.5.11

frailtyEM 0.5.10

frailtyEM 0.5.9

frailtyEM 0.5.8

frailtyEM 0.5.7

TODO: - recover lost features in this update: measures of dependence in summary.emfrail, first of all - bring back the fast fit for inverse gaussian or… who knows, maybe now - document emfrail_control properly - update vignette

frailtyEM 0.5.6

Likelihood based confidence intervals are here!

frailtyEM 0.5.5

Removed the maximization by optimx and doing it with optimize(), since it’s one dimensional. A hessian estimate is obtained from numDeriv().

frailtyEM 0.5.4

Minor bug fixes

frailtyEM 0.5.3

Some big changes in how the confidence intervals are constructed in predict.emfrail. Now - they are first constructed with the delta method for the log(cumulative hazard) and then exponentiated, so they do not have to be truncated at 0 or 1 any more.

frailtyEM 0.5.2

Further improved compatibility with CRAN policies and added a bunch of stuff in the examples in \dontrun statements (now they should be less than 5 seconds runtime)

frailtyEM 0.5.1

Improved compatibility with R-devel 3.4.0. Registered C++ files to get rid of an R CMD check NOTE. Small modifications in the C++ file - for some reason a segfault started happening out of nowhere, think it’s fixed now.

frailtyEM 0.5.0

Added vignette, fixed small things for R CMD check R CMD check: PASS, 0 warnings, 1 note / about new developer, that’s ok.

frailtyEM 0.4.9

Added the Commenges-Andersen test for heterogeneity. The test is implemented in a pretty non-efficient way, and it can be skipped with a proper emfrail_control() call, see ?emfrail_control. Also there I added an option to just calculate the test, instead of doing anything else, and then just that is returned. A nice idea would be to implement this as a post-hoc calculation for coxph objects but that seems like another project atm.

R CMD check: PASS, 0 warnings, 0 notes.

frailtyEM 0.4.8

Changed name to the more professional frailtyEM. Added CI and SE for Kendall’s tau with gamma

bugfixes: CI for tau with stable is now ok

frailtoys 0.4.7

Added a newdata option for the predict method and for the plot methods. This can be used instead of lp, and basically calculates the corresponding linear predictor for the given covariate values.


frailtoys 0.4.6

There is an option now to calculate the unadjusted SE or no SE at all

frailtoys 0.4.5

frailtoys 0.4.3