This is an R-package for performing Genetic And Isotopic Assignment using Habitat features.

Most of the package has been written by Eric C. Anderson. The methodology for assigning individuals using stable isotope was first written by Hannah Vander Zanden and colleagues. It was reimplemented here and is now efficient enough to do leave one out cross validation, etc. These parts of the code are in the file R/vander-zanden-appendix.R.


To install the development version from GitHub with the devtools package, you can:



In lieu of a vignette, we provide the full source code for our use of the gaiah package for a recent paper. See below.

Reproducing the results from Ruegg et al. (2017)

If you want to reproduce all the results from the paper “Genetic assignment with isotopes and habitat suitability (GAIAH), a migratory bird case study” in Methods in Ecology and Evolution you will have to get the gaiah package and then also clone the analysis repository from and then follow the instructions in that repository’s README.