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Usability improvements

Internal changes


ggvis 0.3

ggvis 0.2

The main change is that ggvis now uses a functional approach to building plots. Instead of doing:

ggvis(mtcars, props(~wt, ~mpg)) + layer_point()

You now do:

layer_points(ggvis(mtcars, ~wt, ~mpg))

This is a bit clunky, but we streamline it by using the pipe operator (%>%, from magrittr):

mtcars %>%
  ggvis(~wt, ~mpg) %>%

We think that this change will make it a little easier to create plots, and just as importantly, it’s made the internals of ggvis much much simpler (so now we actually understand how it works!). As part of these changes:

ggvis 0.1