Set up a valid authentication to the ‘HERE’ REST APIs and optionally configure a proxy.

Application credentials

In order to use the functionality of the hereR package, application credentials for a HERE project must be provided. The HERE application credentials (API Key) can be obtained for free as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for a HERE developer account, which automatically creates a new project
  3. Click ‘REST: Generate APP’
  4. Click ‘Create API Key’ and copy the key

The API key is set for the current R session and will be used to authenticate in the requests to the HERE REST APIs (250K free transactions per month). To set the key, please use:

set_key("<YOUR API KEY>")

Information about requests

By default, the hereR package does not print messages with information about the requests sent and the data received from to the HERE APIs. If this information should be printed for the current R session, use:


Use set_Verbose(FALSE) to set the hereR package to be quiet again.


If you are working behind a proxy and you don’t want to change the global proxy settings of RStudio, the proxy information can be passed directly to the hereR package. If a proxy is needed, it can be set as follows:

  proxy = "https://<YOUR-PROXY.NET>:<PORT>/",
  proxyuserpwd = "<USER>:<PASSWORD>"

Note: Only functions of the hereR package are now using the proxy. Other functions sending requests to the web continue to encounter timeout errors.

Remove credentials

To remove previously set credentials from the current R session use unset_key(). In order to delete the proxy information use unset_proxy(). For overwriting application credentials or proxy settings use again the set_key() and set_proxy() functions.