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libbib 1.7 (in development)

  1. Nothing yet

libbib 1.6.4

  1. Bug fix in dt_counts_and_percents wherein if the group by column was not a character or a factor, the “TOTAL”“, and”OTHER” rows would be NA.

  2. Fixed a bug in get_clean_names (and, by extension, dt_set_clean_names) where “0” was accidentally excluded from the whitelisted character set.

libbib 1.6.2

new features

  1. Functions fread_plus_date, fwrite_plus_date, set_lb_attribute, set_lb_date, and cp_lb_attributes to read/write files with special date attribute and work with date and other special attributes.

bug fixes

  1. LC call number functions now call str_trim before anything

libbib 1.6

new features

  1. Wrote a translation layer to translate more human-readable aliases of every WorldCat SRU search index to their formal name. The worldcat_api_search function now uses this by default. You can still use the formal names, and even mix codes in the same query. The function documentation has been updated to reflect these new aliases.

  2. A vignette on how to use the WorldCat search API is now available with a ton of very useful information.

  3. Added dt_na_breakdown function.

bug fixes

  1. print.progress conditional now works for Location and Search API functions

  2. Fixed a bug where if the number of search results was an exact multiple of 100, the search api function wouldn’t return anything


  1. WorldCat API functions will now error if no WSKEY is provided (either with options("libbib.wskey"=...) or explicitly in the formal parameters

  2. WorldCat Search function now tolerant of newlines and multiple spaces. Now long queries can be look neat

  3. More of the diagnostic output now uses message instead of print or cat

  4. If no Search API results are returned, the function prints the any diagnostic message returned from the Search API (things like Query syntax operators and unsupported indexes)

  5. get_clean_names and dt_set_clean_names will now never produce duplicate column names

  6. dt_keep_cols will warn user if a supplied column name doesn’t exist in the supplied data.table

  7. dt_add_to_col_names will, by default, error if any of the new names create any duplicate column names (not setting the new names). If TRUE, all the column names are made unique, potentially renaming excluded column names that were not supposed to be changed.

  8. Added option in dt_counts_and_percents (and dt_na_breakdown) to specify a big.mark which will be used to separate every three digits of the count. If FALSE (the default) the count will remain and integer.

small breaking changes

  1. marc_008_get_info no longer returns the original publication date by default

  2. excluding “questionable dates” in marc_008_get_info just NAs character position 6=“q”, now

  3. The print.api.responses parameter in the Classify API functions has been changed to debug to be more consistent with the other API functions.

  4. num_total column in search results has been renamed the (more descriptive) total_wc_results

  5. By default, get_clean_names and dt_set_clean_names will convert all upper case characters to lower case. This can be overidden with by setting the lower parameter (in both) to FALSE.

libbib 1.5 (on CRAN 2021-04-24)

new features

  1. Implemented Dewey Decimal Code to subject translation

  2. Added various helpful utility functions

  3. Added split_map_filter_reduce and related utilities

  4. Added functions to get language and country names from corresponding Marc codes

  5. Added function to get links to OCLC’s classify service

  6. Added ability to link directly to MARCXML, MODS, MADS, or Dublin Core metadata formats in loc_permalink_from_lccn

  7. Added functions to use the WorldCat Bib Read API, read/parse the returned MARCXml, and return a data.table containing the most pertinent information.

  8. Added functions to use the WorldCat Classify API and return a data.table containing the most popular Dewey and LC call numbers.

  9. Added functions to use the WorldCat Location API and return a data.table containing (optionally, all) of the holding libraries for that standard number.

  10. Added functions to extract info from MARC leaders and 008 fields

  11. Added functions to use the WorldCat SRU search API and return a data.table containing (optionally, all) of the results.

bug fixes

  1. Expanded lc call <-> subject crosswalk (mainly for ‘Law’)

  2. Fixed bugs in lc call <-> subject translation mechanism


  1. performance of is_valid_lc_call improved