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Package ‘photobiologyLamps’ complements other packages in the R for photobiology suite. It contains spectral emission data for LED, fluorescent, incandescent and other lamps (lamps.mspct). Spectra for light emitting diodes (LEDs) and LED arrays (leds.mspct) available as electronic components are included in package ‘photobioloyLEDs’. Package ‘photobiologyLamps’ also includes spectra from UV-B fluorescent tubes operating at different temperatures (qp_uvb313_temp.mspct and qp_uvb313_temp.spct) and for a four-channel LED bulb supporting channel mixing (ledsavers.mspct).

The data are for the most part original but also include some spectra digitized from plots in manufacturers’ specifications. Data have been acquired over many years, although when possible lamps have been measured again after we got a spectrometer with improved wavelength resolution. It is important for users to be aware that depending on the optical wavelength resolution of the instruments used spectra can look quite different because of the broadening of peaks. This is most obvious in lamps with narrow emission peaks like mercury vapours lamps. If you make use of the data, please inspect the metadata and read the documentation. The metadata is in most cases fairly complete, although the distance from lamps to the entrance optics is frequently unknown. For this reason spectra have been normalized. The multiplier used for normalization is part of the metadata, making it possible to recover the original spectrum. The metadata includes, when available, a descriptor of the spectrometer and the settings used for acqiring the spectral data.

This package contains only data. Data are stored as collections of spectra of class source_mspct from package ‘photobiology’, which is the core of the R for photobiology suite. Spectra can be easily plotted with functions and methods from package ‘ggspectra’. The spectra can be used seamlesly with functions from package ‘photobiology’. However, class source_mspct is derived from list and class source_spct is derived from data.frame making the data also usable as is with base R functions.



The package includes spectral data for several lamps.

#> [1] 62
#> [1] 7
#> [1] 16

The first example below shows you how to plot the emission spectrum of one of the lamps.

         annotations = c("+", "title:what"))

The second example shows how to access metadata.

#> [1] "Compact fluorescent lamp: Airam CF Spiraali 14W 3000K"

The members of the collection are named, and several vectors of names are available, such as by manufacturer,

#>  [1] "Philips.CF.PLS.11W.927"       "Philips.FT.TL.40W.01.uv"     
#>  [3] "Philips.FT.TL.40W.12"         "Philips.FT.TL.40W.12.uv"     
#>  [5] "Philips.FT.TL5.35W.830.HE"    "Philips.FT.TLD.36W.15"       
#>  [7] "Philips.FT.TLD.36W.18"        "Philips.FT.TLD.36W.18.lores" 
#>  [9] "Philips.FT.TLD.36W.83"        "Philips.FT.TLD.36W.89"       
#> [11] "Philips.FT.TLD.36W.92"        "Philips.FT.TLD.36W.965"      
#> [13] "Philips.FT.TLD.36W.BLB.108"   "Philips.FT.TLL.36W.950"      
#> [15] "" "Philips.LED.T8.10W.840"

or type of lamp.

#> [1] "Generic.Inc.bulb.60W"         "Osram.Inc.20W"               
#> [3] ""

Temperature response data for emision from UV-B fluorescent tubes is provided as a separate collection of spectra.

#> [1] "minus05C" "plus00C"  "plus05C"  "plus10C"  "plus20C"  "plus30C"  "plus35C"


Installation of the most recent stable version from CRAN:


Installation of the current unstable version from GitHub:

# install.packages("devtools")


HTML documentation is available at (, including a User Guide.

News on updates to the different packages of the ‘r4photobiology’ suite are regularly posted at (

Two articles introduce the basic ideas behind the design of the suite and describe its use: Aphalo P. J. (2015) ( and Aphalo P. J. (2016) (

A book is under preparation, and the draft is currently available at (

A handbook written before the suite was developed contains useful information on the quantification and manipulation of ultraviolet and visible radiation: Aphalo, P. J., Albert, A., Björn, L. O., McLeod, A. R., Robson, T. M., & Rosenqvist, E. (Eds.) (2012) Beyond the Visible: A handbook of best practice in plant UV photobiology (1st ed., p. xxx + 174). Helsinki: University of Helsinki, Department of Biosciences, Division of Plant Biology. ISBN 978-952-10-8363-1 (PDF), 978-952-10-8362-4 (paperback). PDF file available from (


Pull requests, bug reports, and feature requests are welcome at (


If you use this package to produce scientific or commercial publications, please cite according to:

#> To cite package 'photobiologyLamps' in publications, please use:
#>   Aphalo, Pedro J. (2015) The r4photobiology suite. UV4Plants Bulletin,
#>   2015:1, 21-29. DOI:10.19232/uv4pb.2015.1.14
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