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Authentication and user administration for Shiny apps. polished provides a way to secure your Shiny application behind an authentication layer. It also provides a UI for controlling user access.

Live Demo

Register and sign in to a live Shiny app using polished.

Polished API

polished requires the polishedapi. There are two ways to use the polishedapi.

  1. polished.tech: polished.tech is our hosted offering of the polishedapi. It is the easiest way to use polished. It does not require database setup or API hosting.

  2. On Premise: Deploy the polishedapi on your own servers. This naturally requires you to set up and maintain a database and API hosting server.

If you want to use polished.tech, go to the polished.tech website and follow the Get Started instructions. If you want to deploy the polishedapi on premise, check out the polishedapi README.