rIP detects likely responses from server farms on MTurk surveys.

Takes as its input an array of IPs and the user’s X-Key, passes these to, and returns a dataframe with the ip (used for merging), country code, country name, asn, isp, block, and hostname.

Especially important in this is the variable “block”, which gives a score indicating whether the IP address is likely from a server farm and should be excluded from the data. It is codes 0 if the IP is residential/unclassified (i.e. safe IP), 1 if the IP is non-residential IP (hostping provider, proxy, etc. - should likely be excluded), and 2 for non-residential and residential IPs (more stringent, may flag innocent respondents).

The recommendation from is to block or exclude those who score block = 1.

rIP requires an API key from Users can register for a free key that allows for up to 1,000 IP inquiries per day.

We thank @tylerburleigh for pointing out the utility of His method for incorporating this information into Qualtrics surveys can be found here.