Docker file

The rco Docker image will optimize any CRAN package, using the latest GitHub rco stable version. If the package to optimize has a testthat suite, then it will test the original and optimized versions, and show the obtained speed-up.


First, you need to install Docker on your computer. And then, from a terminal, the rco Docker image can be pulled from Docker Hub with:

docker pull jcrodriguez1989/rco


The docker image basic usage will optimize a random CRAN package, this is done with:

docker run jcrodriguez1989/rco

We can also specify a package to optimize, using the RCO_PKG environment variable, for example, if we want to optimize the rflights package:

docker run -e RCO_PKG=rflights jcrodriguez1989/rco

Also, if we want to get the resulting optimized files we can set a docker shared folder, with:

# Replace DEST_FOLDER path, with your desired output path
docker run -v $DEST_FOLDER:/rco_results jcrodriguez1989/rco

In summary, if we want to optimize the rflights package and save its results, we can do:

docker run -e RCO_PKG=rflights -v $DEST_FOLDER:/rco_results jcrodriguez1989/rco

And in the DEST_FOLDER we will have files as:

## rflights  rflights_0.1.0.tar.gz  rflights_opt