Data is from the website of the Open Repair Alliance. The structure of the data follows the technical documentation of the Open Repair Data Standard (ORDS Version 0.21).

Besides the complete dataset repairs with 48,669 entries, I have also added four compiled datasets on batteries, mobiles, printers, and tablets with additional information about fault types.

Aims of repairData

The goal of the repairData package is

Eventually, these datasets should help to extend the reach to commercial repairers and others collecting repair data. This data will be used to tell stories about the positive impacts of repair and to inform advocacy. Together, we can make a stronger case for more easily repairable devices.


You can install the released version of repairData from CRAN with:


And the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


After loaded the package you have access to all datasets with the data() function.

# simple example code
# or all together
data(repairs, batteries, printers, mobiles, tablets)

Data specifications

The following table stems from the documentation of the Open Repair Data Standard (ORDS Version 0.21). (In the last column, I report my changes to the variable type of some columns according to the ORDS Type description.)

Title Field name Type R Data Type
ID id Unique identifier from the partner organisation. Does not have to be unique across all partner data. character
Partner category partner_product_category Option from partner codelist. character
Product category product_category Option from ORDS product category codelist. factor
Brand brand Free text. character
Year of manufacture year_of_manufacture Year. YYYY. character*
Problem problem Free text. Personal data should be removed, e.g. email addresses. character
Repair status repair_status Option from ORDS repair status codelist. factor
Repair barrier repair_barrier_if_end_of_life Option from ORDS repair barrier codelist. Optional. Only relevant where repair_status = “End of life”. factor
Group identifier group_identifier String. Unique. A unique identifier across all partners that can identify the group responsible for the repair. factor
Event date event_date Date. YYYY-MM-DD format. The date of the repair event that the repair took place at. Date
Data provider data_provider Option from ORDS codelist. Name of partner organisation. factor
Country country String. 3 letter ISO code, e.g. “GBR”. factor
Record date record_date Date. YYYY-MM-DD format. The date that the record was last updated. Date